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fotografia săptămânii


Noul concurs foto este organizat pe baza unei propuneri din partea Comisiei pentru cultură a Secretariatului IAO pentru sărbătorirea anului 2016 ca an de prietenie a oamenilor din Grecia și Rusia, în colaborare cu comunitatea online
After a short Easter break we are back with the presentation of photos and authors that we have chosen in 2014. We remind you, that the editorial staff and previously selected winners, choose one photo per month.

The winner of May 2014 was Slawomir Kiryluk (slawek). His picture shows fresco in the church of Holy Spirit in Bialystok, which was then freshly made.

The existence of a place, where the orthodox christians all over the world could show and share in colors and images their faith and could reveal the beauty of the Church and the life within it, contributes for strengthening of the Orthodoxy.

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