We had to postpone our new exhibition because of our daily life duties. Now we are starting to work again on exhibition and one more time opening possibility to send your photos.
New deadline it is 31 of October 2015.
With sorrow we are informing you that another very active member of our community has passed away: Jan Ostapkiewicz /Aimilianos/
Branislav Backović, Backo, master of photography FSS from Loznica, suddenly passed away last night at the Coronary Care Unit Internal Medicine Ward.
Backo will be remembered as a man of great energy, a good friend and photographer with numerous awards and recognitions.
The contest is dedicated to buildings monuments of Eastern Christian tradition, whose importance is too great and are part of the cultural heritage of all peoples of the earth. The Ι.Α.Ο. chose this particular time period, where humanity once again witnesses the destruction of cultural monuments by fanatical religious groups.
For the second time we are looking for volunteers who will help in our 2015-2016 activities.
We have received grant from Erasmus+ programme to have 2 volunteers who will work with us on OrthPhoto development: one from Bulgaria and one from Georgia.
Today we are celebrating our anniversary. This time it is the Great and Holy Friday, 11th years ago it was Saturday around the time when Holy Light occurs.This is a good moment to say thank you, to all of you for your activity.
Preparing for the exhibition summarizing our activity, we have decided to choose one best photo from each month, from the very beginning. The photos will be chosen by winners of the other months and editorial staff. We do this since April 2004, when we created our site in the Internet. The first winner was Joanna Kolerska (asia_o).
Together with a letter of recognition from Metropolitan Sawa of Poland we also received a present in recognition of our efforts in illustrating the beauty of Orthodoxy.
We received financial support for our future activities. The money we received should help us organize a jubilee exhibition with pictures from our website. We hope to present the exhibition in parishes throughout Poland.
With this news we would like to ask you to verify your submission and ask you to help us with collecting photos from other countries (you can send more photos even if you have already sent 5). We want to make our exhibition as wide as possible.
For all those who have already sent their pictures - thank you, and those who are late - we have good news! We have not managed to send the information to everyone in their own language, so we decided to extend the deadline for submission of work to 27 February.
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