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2009.05.27 21:54
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+ Eroilor Revolutiei Romane anti-comuniste din 1989 - 2 +   Favorite  Raportare pentru moderare
These crosses are in the University Square (center of Bucharest)
They were brought since the beggining of '90-s by students, in the memory of the heroes that died in the anti-communist Revolution in December 1989. In this square many people were killed by communists in those days

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Vesnica pomenire! Hristos s-a Inaltat!
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+++ 3
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pt Cosmin: multumesc pt explicatii
mihaela 2009.05.28 [20:40] Raportare pentru moderare
please see also my previous photos from here:

mihaela 2009.05.28 [19:42] Raportare pentru moderare
Adevarat S-a Inaltat! Multumesc!

parintele Dumitru: Asa este, libertatea este doar cea in Hristos, multi din cei care au fost in inchisori au spus asta.

Novakovic: Thank you very much for your words. They are touching, too. Indeed we cannot forget those times, as our people suffered so much, and died for Christ. We, the followers, we should follow Christ, too. But it seems in our times is even harder. Thanks God that we have confessors and holy fatehrs by holy books!
StepaniukRafal 2009.05.28 [18:57] Raportare pentru moderare
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,,Eroii revoluitiei zac intr-un cimitir rece, protocolar, cu lespezile pe ei asteptandu-si randul sa vina preotul sa-i tamaie...."
Libertatea e dar lui Dumnezeu si nu poti fi liber cu adevarat decat in Dumnezeu.
Si de vatrebui sa si murim pentru asta ,fie intru Slava lui Dumnezeu.
Dar suntem gata?........ 3
Novakovic 2009.05.28 [12:57] Raportare pentru moderare
Miha, your series of photos and wish to rimember us on the great days in Romania, when the fraternal people looking for freedom, and Christos, a deep tuch me and bring back in the days when I am, modest part. It is very necessary and should be used every opportunity to show communism in the right light.
You have to, albeit with great sacrifice made in these few days while here the same has not been successful. It will take a big question how will the end look.
Those who were for the Christos, there are in His kingdom.
Timothey 2009.05.28 [12:27] Raportare pentru moderare
nicos_valahul 2009.05.28 [12:02] Raportare pentru moderare
"Hristos S-a Inalţat" şi pentru nevinovaţii căzuţi în decembrie '89! 3
Oliver 2009.05.28 [10:16] Raportare pentru moderare
Hristos S-a înălţat! 3
sm 2009.05.27 [23:54] Raportare pentru moderare
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+++ 3
do_marian 2009.05.27 [23:11] Raportare pentru moderare
gabriel77 2009.05.27 [23:08] Raportare pentru moderare
In Romania, Ascension day is also "the Heroes day". After the Holy Liturgy, is said a special prayer for people who died on battle fields. 3
jagafoto 2009.05.27 [22:31] Raportare pentru moderare
c.serafim 2009.05.27 [22:16] Raportare pentru moderare
Poate ca au "cazut" degeaba...? Dumnezeu sa-i odihneasca! 3
haidamaka 2009.05.27 [22:04] Raportare pentru moderare
AleksaSrbin 2009.05.27 [21:58] Raportare pentru moderare
Pozdrav Miha! 3
annadunikowska 2009.05.27 [21:56] Raportare pentru moderare

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