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OrthPhoto Awards - Details [Ioan Andoni, Romania]
Старая церковь белой ночью на Белом море
Старая церковь белой ночью на Белом море
OrthPhoto Awards - Places [Vadim Leontev, Russia]
OrthPhoto Awards - People [Andrei Sholyganov, Russia]
OrthPhoto Awards - Places [Dimitri Yudincev, Russia]
OrthPhoto Awards - Details [Boris Music, Montenegro]
OrthPhoto Awards - Places [Oleg Tatarkin, Russia]
OrthPhoto Awards - People [Paweł Tadejko, Poland]
St. John Orthodox Cathedral, Eagle River, Alaska
St. John Orthodox Cathedral, Eagle River, Alaska
OrthPhoto Awards - Places [Victor Lutes, USA]
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From the archive: 16.01.2017

OrthPhoto Awards

Athens, 15th October 2021, Announcement of the completion of the evaluation of the participants in the Third International Photo Contest with topic: “Hagia Sophia. The churches of the Wisdom of God in history and in the world”
Association of Photo, Film and Video Аchievements “Beofoto” in Beocin, Serbia cordially invites you to take part in the traditional International Photo Contest “Orthodox Christianity on the Internet”.
Any photo that has an internet address can take part in the contest and authors must send a link to the site the photo is uploaded.

The existence of a place, where the orthodox christians all over the world could show and share in colors and images their faith and could reveal the beauty of the Church and the life within it, contributes for strengthening of the Orthodoxy.

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