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Ikona św. Nektariusza w Sakach
Ikona św. Nektariusza w Sakach
Łukasz Troc [lukasz]
Solovetsky Monastery, 1991
Solovetsky Monastery, 1991
Jarosław Charkiewicz [jarek11]
Troita la manastirea Brancoveanu - Sambata de Sus
Troita la manastirea Brancoveanu - Sambata de Sus
Roxana Ursache [ursiy]
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From the archive: 2013

On September 18, 2019, the meeting of the international jury of the Colours of Orthodoxy: Finland International Photography Competition took place online.
Over 880 photos were sent to this competition from over 100 participants from nearly ten different countries.
Association of Photo, Film and Video Аchievements “Beofoto” in Beocin, Serbia cordially invites you to take part in the traditional International Photo Contest “Orthodox Christianity on the Internet”.

The existence of a place, where the orthodox christians all over the world could show and share in colors and images their faith and could reveal the beauty of the Church and the life within it, contributes for strengthening of the Orthodoxy.

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