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OrthPhoto Awards

Fotografii Noi

Fotografii din Arhivă: 2017


Site-ul de partajare de fotografii este încântat să anunțe lansarea unui nou concurs internațional de fotografie intitulat OrthPhoto Awards (Premiile OrthPhoto). Concursul, care este deschis tuturor fotografilor profesioniști și amatori, oferă o oportunitate de a comunica și de a împărtăși cu un public mai larg frumusețea Bisericii Ortodoxe și cultura credincioșilor ei prin imaginea vizuală.
The Interparliamentary Assembly on Orthodoxy (I.A.O.), in the context of its activity for the promotion and preservation of the Christian Orthodox culture and in collaboration with the website organizes the third in a row photography contest and invites all interested parties to participate in it.

The photographs taken by the users present traditions and life of local churches which are very often unknown and inaccessible to many believers. OrthPhoto brings people together and joins them in the Truth through the lens of a photo camera.
I would like to thank all the people who are dedicated to this project for their initiative. I wish coordinators persistence in working on the development of the website. To all of the users who upload photographs on OrthPhoto I wish wisdom in selecting of photographs.

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