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Because OrthPhoto is dependant on a totally volunteer editorial team. and currently we do not have anyone to translate and manage the site in your language, we apologize that some translations posted here may be out of date, and others have to be in English. To change this we invite you to join our editorial team (write to It is not hard work, but it is a great gift to your Church, your country, and others who speak your language.

Mormantul Parintelui Arsenie Boca de la Manastirea Prislop
Mormantul Parintelui Arsenie Boca de la Manastirea Prislop
Claudia Bun [Claudia_Teo]
Манастир Симонопетра-Света Гора
Манастир Симонопетра-Света Гора
Ђорђе Гајицки [Djole]
In Novo Hopovo monastery
In Novo Hopovo monastery
Jarosław Charkiewicz [jarek1]
photo of the week
Hagia Sophia

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[En]:From the archive: 2014

We have decided to organize online meeting to speak about orthodox photography and future of OrthPhoto project.
Please join our online discussion on Wednesday 8th of April
E gjithë kjo rrethanë e jashtëzakonshme dhe e dhimbshme, na detyron të shtyjmë ceremoninë e ndarjes së çmimeve, e promovimit të albumit fotografik “Ngjyrat e Orthodhoksisë Shqipëria” dhe të çeljes së ekspozitës me fotografi pjesëmarrëse në konkurs (të cilat ishin programuar për t’u zhvilluar në muajin dhjetor, përpara të kremtes së Krishtlindjeve), për një periudhë më të vonë, në 19 të muajit janar të vitit 2020.

On the 10th anniversary of existence I would like to send my congratulations and words of recognition.
The activities of Orthphoto founders and their co-workers, who are spread worldwide, successfully fulfills the objective that serves the Orthodox Church. Not only does your website show the beauty of Orthodoxy, but it also unites people of different views, religious and not religious ones. This is valuable in the contemporary world.

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