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St Nicholas church in Tbilisi
St Nicholas church in Tbilisi
Aleksander Wasyluk [alik]
The Protection of the Mother of God church in Hańczowa
The Protection of the Mother of God church in Hańczowa
Jarosław Charkiewicz [jarek1]
Отец Сергий
Отец Сергий
Vladimir Eshtokin [Eshtokin]
скит "Св. Андрей"
Nikolay Chulev [Nikolaj_BG]
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From the archive: 2019

Today we celebrate the 17th anniversary of the launch of OrthPhoto, a project that from the beginning has sought to create a digital community of amateur and professional photographers wishing to share and exhibit photographs presenting the Orthodox Christian faith as experienced throughout the world.
As we celebrate this milestone we would like to take a moment to express our gratitude and say “thank you” for helping to make this a truly international and interactive community. Further, we give thanks to our Lord for giving us the gifts and talents so that we may share the beauty of His Holy Orthodox Church through photography.
We invite you to the international virtual premiere of the album "Colours of Orthodoxy. Finland ”and presentation of the awarded works of the photo competition with the same title.

It will take place on December 16, 2020 live on the Internet. The broadcast starts at 6 PM CET.

On the 10th anniversary of existence I would like to send my congratulations and words of recognition.
The activities of Orthphoto founders and their co-workers, who are spread worldwide, successfully fulfills the objective that serves the Orthodox Church. Not only does your website show the beauty of Orthodoxy, but it also unites people of different views, religious and not religious ones. This is valuable in the contemporary world.

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