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Colours of orthodoxy.Albania
фотография на седмицата


In the context of OrthPhoto’s 15th anniversary we want to invite you to celebrate with us by taking part in a photo contest titled “OrthPhoto Awards”. This is something more than a competition. We want to celebrate with you our anniversary and the best way we can do it is to present your own works and offer you prizes for your activity and creation of the content of the website.
Имаме удоволствието да Ви съобщим, че Борис Тензер (B.Bort) стана победител в категорията "Снимка на месеца" за месец май. Неговата очарователна снимка "В град Бельов на река Ока" е на манастира "Преображение на Спасителя" в град Бельов.

On the 10th anniversary of existence I would like to send my congratulations and words of recognition.
The activities of Orthphoto founders and their co-workers, who are spread worldwide, successfully fulfills the objective that serves the Orthodox Church. Not only does your website show the beauty of Orthodoxy, but it also unites people of different views, religious and not religious ones. This is valuable in the contemporary world.

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