Archbishop Eirinaios of Crete
Вселенский Константинопольский Патриархат
Dear friends,

Firstly, I would like to apologise for my delayed reply to your letter of 21st May 2010.
The delay was not due to indifference, but to lack of time on my part.
I am glad and I congratulate your efforts for our Orthodox Church in all the countries of the world, something which is particularly needed now, that is to work together and be united as Orthodox.
I do not know you personally nor I have seen your website, but I desire to meet you in person, to appreciate your work and help you as much as I can to your efforts.
Please be aware, even with so much delay, that I am pleased for what is done by our Orthodox brothers in cooperation and with respect to the truth, the experience, the tradition and the dogmas of the Orthodox Church.
I do not know how I can help and what to do, but I express my love, my understanding, and my desire to support everything good that is done by our Orthodox brothers.

With blessings and love in Christ
+ Archbishop Irinaios of Crete

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