Patriarch Neofit
Болгарский Патриархат
Dear Mr. Wasilyk, coordinators and users of OrthPhoto,

Please receive my congratulations on the 10th anniversary of the site. I’m glad that in course of the last ten years more then 70000 photos from 70 countries, including Bulgaria, were uploaded on the site to show the beauty of the Orthodoxy. The existence of a place, where the orthodox christians all over the world could show and share in colors and images their faith and could reveal the beauty of the Church and the life within it, contributes for strengthening of the Orthodoxy.
I wish a lot of success to the editorial team and as well as to all the users of the site in their efforts of showing the beauty of the Orthodoxy.
May God’s blessing be with you! In Christ your prayer intercessor I remain,

Neofit, Patriarch of Bulgaria


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