Bishop Paisjusz of Gorlice
Church of Poland
OrthPhoto gives us the opportunity to look closely at the spiritual life and traditions of the Orthodox. It enables spiritual pilgrimages to sacred places. The photographs enable us to look through the walls of orthodox monasteries and watch lives of monks and nuns, it enables us to meet great people of Orthodoxy and pray with them . Your website shows church architecture, rich interiors of churches and celestial beauty of icons and God’s creations.
Photography is a miracle which enables us to stop the time in a photograph and to begin our considerations about eternity. Your work is the mission for the Orthodox around the world.
You were present in Gorlice, Tarnow and you sowed the seed among people who never even heard about the Orthodox.
May the Good and loving God bless you, and all the authors of the beautiful photographs, in your mission for the Good of Sacred Orthodoxy for many good years!
With Blessing
Paisjusz, the Bishop of Gorlice.


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