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Probleme tehnice
2017-08-21 14:01 - Florina  
Thank you for your advice! I will follow it.
2017-08-21 11:03 - alik  
you can just save picture from page. It will be the sam picture saved. You can also intead open in new card use option show picture
2017-08-20 21:16 - Florina  
But I want to download my own photos. And when I want to open them in a new window,for the full size, I have another photo. So I can't download full size my photos. If you say it's ok, I will search another way to download them.
2017-08-20 15:46 - alik  
Ok I think I understand, now whenyou click on photo it shows previously uploaded photo.

It is easer and faster esspecially for mobile users
2017-08-20 14:47 - Florina  
I checked another photo.
When I click right for opening in a new window, I see in the new window another photo, not my photo
The same thing, theu have similar numbers
2017-08-20 14:43 - Florina  
As I said, this is my photo.
Click right and choose "open in a new window". In the new window, you will see another photo, this onehttp://www.orthphoto.net/photo.php?id=60703
2017-08-20 12:45 - palavos  
florina I do not understan?
you click on what ?
2017-08-20 11:17 - Florina  
I saw something. This is one of my photos.
When I click right, I have the option"open in a new window". If I do this, in the new window it is another photo, from Bulgaria. How could it be possible and why? This is the photo from Bulgaria,and I have no connection with it
I think the photos have similar link, the number is similar: 60705 is mine, 60703 is the other one.
2015-07-12 21:46 - marian_do  
eu am incarcat fotografii
2015-07-11 23:11 - crisortodoxion  
Doamne ajuta! De cateva zile incerc sa postez fotografii, dar fara rezultat. Nu primesc vreun mesaj de eroare (eroare de descarcare), ci pur si simplu fotografiile nu se incarca. Iar acestea respecta cerintele privind dimensiunile si marimea maxime admise.
S-a mai confruntat cineva cu o astfel de problema? Ce ma sfatuiti? Multumesc anticipat!

God help you! For several days I try to post photos, but without success. I do not receive any error messages (download error), but the photos simply do not upload. And they meet the size and maximum permitted capacity requirements.
Has someone faced such a problem? What do you advise me? Thank you in advance!
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