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Probleme tehnice
2018-12-23 14:47 - blair2019  
**** post deleted by editorial team *****
2018-11-14 19:09 - marian_do  
no error occurs, the photo does not appear loaded
2018-11-13 16:48 - marian_do  
yes, it does not work to upload new photos
2018-11-13 14:38 - alik  
marian_do: what kind of problem you have with uploading new photo?
2018-11-13 06:31 - marian_do  
why can not add a new picture?
2017-08-21 14:01 - Florina  
Thank you for your advice! I will follow it.
2017-08-21 11:03 - alik  
you can just save picture from page. It will be the sam picture saved. You can also intead open in new card use option show picture
2017-08-20 21:16 - Florina  
But I want to download my own photos. And when I want to open them in a new window,for the full size, I have another photo. So I can't download full size my photos. If you say it's ok, I will search another way to download them.
2017-08-20 15:46 - alik  
Ok I think I understand, now whenyou click on photo it shows previously uploaded photo.

It is easer and faster esspecially for mobile users
2017-08-20 14:47 - Florina  
I checked another photo.
When I click right for opening in a new window, I see in the new window another photo, not my photo
The same thing, theu have similar numbers
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