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2010-03-22 04:22 - angelos  
Peace be to us all.If possible dig deep to find!
2009-10-15 13:13 - gabriel77  
From the Convention of Orthodox Clergymen and Monks April 2009, A CONFESSION OF FAITH
Against Ecumenism:http://www.impantokratoros.gr/FA9AF77F.en.aspx
2009-09-16 21:51 - alik  
interesting article
2009-09-16 18:03 - codre  
Ecumenism is an political invention...
2009-09-16 18:00 - codre  
Ecumenism leaves with subheading that the people are bad between them. Ecumenism have a political insinuantig doctrine. I personally have friends of other religions and denominations (Catholic, Muslim and Jewish) and we live in peace, and that does not mean ecumenism... Human natural means.
2009-09-16 15:25 - gabriel77  
If was the gouverment, they could put this information on a commemorative plate written in many languages, they could make a very artistic and sensitive monument of victims without any religious symbols.
2009-09-16 14:04 - alik  
hmm in my opinion it is just symbolic representation who was killed in this place I hope there is place were orthodox can pray but this probably was done by the goverment. When I look at this I do not see problem It is not chapel for me it is just kind of information.
In this context maybe it is not nice to use cross as a symbol of religion.
Massege from this postuments for me is only one on this place were killed people coming from different religions there is no information which religion is better or from which more people come from. That's it.

Another massege is that killing was done not according faith but nationality and in the same grave there are different people who has lost their life.

even igf we forget about ecumenism how author can show us that in Katyń were killed also orthodx people?
I think this was right attempt.

Or how author can show you that on Grabarka we have visitors from other religions ? For me it is interesting to know about this and I do not see reason why this kind of photos should be deleted
2009-09-16 13:57 - mihaela  
Ok, but Orthphoto is not meant to solve ecumenism problems, anyway.
2009-09-16 13:51 - gabriel77  
Alik: Because that puts equal sign between different religions. This is religious sincretism, and that's bad. Peaceful co-existence is something different than religious sincretism.
I agree with peaceful co-existence, I agree with praying for non-orthodox belivers, but we can't pray with them, we can't mix our religion with non-orthodox religions.
2009-09-16 13:45 - gabriel77  
Mihaela, each people has the freedom to do what they like with their free time. We do not have the right to judge people. Maybe their are involved in other activities of the Church more important that Orthphoto.
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