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2011-01-20 15:50 - alik  
one more link which I have discovered recently:
and I hope we can cooperate so if you are flickr member you are more than welcome to contribute for this group
2011-01-20 12:42 - alik  
and also video from Poland :)
2011-01-20 12:41 - alik  
nice photos from feast of Epiphany around the world:
2007-03-17 23:55 - mihaela  
It's very impressive, Iliana!
I think I visited also that little chapel from cathedral of Saint Dimitrios:) At least I remember I visited all I could from that place :) And yes, I remember it was a small beautiful one in backside, where entered not so many people and was very quiet :)
It was Sunday morning for holy liturgy, so after it was time to visit.
And details about Thessaloniki are useful indeed ! :)
2007-03-16 15:32 - iliana  
Mihaela, the City of Thessaloniki is divided in three independent Dioceses: Metr. of Thessaloniki, of Kalamaria (west side) and of Neapolis (east side of the city). St. Demetrios is not sure if it was ever the base of the Metropolitan. Now there are two Churches serving as base of the Metropolitan: The Cathedral of Haghia Sophia and the Metropolitan Church of St. Gregory Palamas.

The Church of St. Demetrios was burnt down many times (the last time was in the 1930s I think) that's why there are not many paintings or mosaics. The remaining mosaics are magnificent. If you visit the Church of St. Demetrios don't forget to see the Chapel of St. Efthimios at the right back side of the altar which has wonderful paintings!!!
2007-03-14 23:08 - mihaela  
Thank you very much for this :) I will write it down and tell people who go there, and I hope sometime, with God's help, I will see it too :)

I was in 98 one week after Pascha in Thessaloniki, and then I visited the three archbishophric (I don;t know if is correct) cathedrals: Saint Dimitrios, Saint Grigorious and the one of Kalla MAria if I remember well :) I must say that the one of saint Grigorious I liked most, I think was the most intimate, and beautiful painted. I had a poor manual camera, so I couldn't make good photos inside :(
I hope I will go again there, I cannot forget the moment when I was to holy relics of Saint Gregorious :)
Until then, hoping to see your photos... :)
2007-03-14 19:53 - iliana  
Mihaela, I found out that the Church of St. Paraskevi at Haskoy is given to the Romanian community of Constantinople. It was given 5-6 years ago when Patriarch Theoctist of Bucharest visited Constantinople. This is the exact address and the phone number of the Church: Aya Paraskevi Rum Ortodoks Kilisesi, Bastar Sok. No. 2/1, Hasköy / İstanbul. Tel.: +90-212-250 0910/11
2007-03-14 16:13 - mihaela  
And I didn't know about Romanian parish in Constantinopole, would be great to see it :) thanks a lot!
2007-03-14 16:09 - mihaela  
Iliana, here is the photo and the news on site of Ecumenical Patriarchate

During his visit to the Church of Romania Patriarch Bartholomew inaugurated the church of St. Gregory Palamas at the Polytecnic University of Bucharest together with Patriarch Teoktist and other hierarchs.

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2007-02-20 09:16 - alik  
I think you should even it is part of otrthodox history and tradition you should just mention in captioon that it was before corthodox church
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