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new ideas
2016-10-22 12:13 - Bepa55  
Hi can we add new photos
2015-03-03 17:49 - ioann  
I think the frequency and size are ok now but maybe we can make lower frequency for new, untrusted users?
I like idea of photo story.
No music on this site! ;)
2015-02-20 23:18 - DanicaM  
Здраво ....мени одговара ставка 1. да могу да се шаљу чешће слике ...ма супер сте ми скроз...цео сајт.Поздрав свима +++
2015-02-11 23:53 - alik  
We would like to ask you about which of the following changes are the most important to you. We are also waiting for your suggestions about the realization process and we encourage to helps us implement them.

1. The frequency and size of the reported images
We increased the frequency up to 3 images for 5 days. Is that enough? Perhaps you would prefer a different solution?
Is the current size (up to 1000 pixels) sufficient?

2. Homepage design
The homepage is unfinished. Perhaps you have some suggestions about the design? We are waiting for your graphic designs!

3. Tutorials
I'm wondering whether it is worth trying to educate how to improve our photographic skills. I suppose it is difficult to create the same tutorials in different languages, what do you think? If there is anyone, who would like to consider such a tutorials useful, please contact us in order to cooperate.

4. Competition for the best image of the month
For 2 years we have been doing a contest with the Adobe Company. I would like us to come back to this initiative. We need a sponsor to fund a prize, or we can restrict ourselves to the granting of the title of the best photo of the month. In previous editions, the winner of the highest rated images had been chosen by the entire editorial staff - now I would like to vote let the winners of the previous editions join the jury. Maybe we could also choose the winners from the very beginning of the existence of the service? What do you think?

5. The photo-essays section
We would like to introduce a new section - photo-story. As it stands, you can present only 3 pictures, we would like our best photographers (not only the members of our community) to be able to show interesting stories or, their best works. In this section we could also prepare the most interesting images of the month. We could refer to major events and festivals of the Orthodox Church. Another goal of this section would be to create a place in the Internet, which would benefit other Orthodox websites and newspapers and through which they could easily show photo esseys on their websites (of course, if the authors would agree).

6. Thematic division of the images
On our website we have an ability to view a set of images on a specific subject (only on a few topics -yet) and we would like to present a larger set of themes, eg. the most important Orthodox place. We look forward to your propositions.

7. Music with the photo
One user suggested that the image could be followed by Orthodox Church music. What do you think about the idea?
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