13 years with Orthphoto - new beginning

13 years with Orthphoto - new beginning

Today we are celebrating the 13th Anniversary since the day when we have started our site (it was the Great Saturday - time when the Holy Fire has appeared in Jerusalem).
After so many years we had many achievements and everything what we have done it was done by the voluntary team consisting of people from different countries. Last years, due to my other obligations, site was not managed as good as I wanted and as it should be done. Finally I have taken decision to stop coordinating another big Church project  and I hope it will help for both projects to develop better and faster.
We have already the first success with OrthPhoto: we have just published the 3rd edition of album "Colours of Orthodoxy. Poland" and will open exhibitions in Vilnius, Helsinki, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Ekaterinburg and Irkutsk this summer.

I have in my mind few new projects (albums, exhibitions, competitions, workshops, etc) and main task for now is to redesign website. So, from today I want to ask you if you want to be part of this process. If so, please write to us at:
We need you in our international team and we need also your comments and ideas before we start real work on redesign. Site should be more useful for you and our Churches, and only through your involvement it is possible to achieve it. I promise to read very carefully all your ideas and try to implement them as much as it will be possible.

I'm waiting for You and Your ideas!
Aleksander Wasyluk
OrthPhoto Coordinator.

Aleksander Wasyluk
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