Christ is Risen, 14th anniversary of the OrthPhoto

Christ is Risen, 14th anniversary of the OrthPhoto

Christ is Risen! Indeed He is Risen!

Dear friends,

In this special moment of the year when we celebrate the Feast of Feasts we want to wish you Blessed and joyful Easter and many occasions to take beautiful photos which you can share with us.

On the 10th of April we will celebrate our 14th anniversary. It is a qiute old age for internet project, we know about this and as you already know we have started process of renewing concept of the site .
We believe you will be active in this process: firstly with your suggestion, secondly with your help - please, remember that we are volountary team who need help and active participation. If you want be
more active just contact us and we will speak about:

On the ocassion of Easter and our anniversary we want to anounce few things:

1. From today you can upload bigger photos (up to 2000px and 1,5 MB)

2. We want to encourage you to be more active on the site so for those who will vote on photos and write comments we prepared few photoalbums from our series "Colours of Orthodoxy".
- we will send 3 albums for people who will be most active in commenting photos (the comments should be valuable)
- we will draw 1 big album and 5 small albums between all the people who were commenting photos
- we will draw 1 big album and 5 small albums between all the people who were voting on photos
We will check your votes and comments since April

3. We want to come back to idea of photo of the month (or may be author of the month): the winner receives photo album and we will promote him on our social media (including financial boosting of this post).
Please, visit our facebook profile to join the discussion about this subject.

4. At the end of May we will also want to honour the authors who will present how Easter was celebrated in places where they live (period from Holy week until Pentacost)

I hope you like our ideas and you will be with us next days !

OrthPhoto Editorial Team

Aleksander Wasyluk
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