Results of April. GDPR regulations.

In our 14th anniversary news we announce that we are coming back to selecting photo of the month. In first month we have decided to select photo which have received the biggest number of votes from users Congratulations for Mihajlo ( we will send you photo album and your photo will be first which we will use to promotion Orthphoto on social media (Instagram and Facebook).

We have also promised that we will give 5 big albums and 10 small about Orthodoxy in Poland for those who were commenting and voting on photos (3 big for most valuable votes and rest from draw).
Big albums goes for: AlexandraP, m.stefanovic, dziatishka, PedjaVid and neniortodox
Small ones for: Подунавац, maksim, Nadezda-1966, Florina, kruvasya, Antonio B, zkatia, ursache, ines, Miladin Šuškal

We hope you like our new way of encouraging you to be more active on site. In middle of July we will give another portion of albums for those who upload photos, give comments or votes ;)
So be active and help us to bring back orthphoto community to the level which we have few months ago ;)

Because in Europe from 25th of May we will have new regulations GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) we want to inform you that we are using your personal data only to send you information related to orthphoto activity and database is managed by the Society OrthNet.

If you want to be unsubscribed from the mailing list or deleted just send us request from email which you have used for registrations. Send it to this address:

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