OrthPhoto Awards

OrthPhoto Awards

Today in Orthodox Cultural Center we have pleasure to announce first ever OrthPhoto Awards.
This competition it is new experience for OrthpPhoto team and it was organize to celebrate 15th anniversary of our site.

Since many years we were thinking about organazing compettion which will present best photos and photographers who are presenting beauty of orthodoxy.  This year we have decided to have first attempt for such event and it was more concentrated on anniversary and also on learning experience how it should be done in future. We did not announce categories  during competition and do not have for this year professional jury. Decision about categories and winners was taken by editorial team and like you will find below we have many categories, not all of them are based on quality of the photos received. To understand better results you need to have in mind that this year competition is also way to express our thanks to all active members of our site. We are also happy that from the begining we have partners in other media and for this year there was also special prize granted by Radio Vera.

Here is all list of the awarded photographers:

The most photos on the website
Jarosław Charkiewicz, Poland, [jarek]

The most comments on the website
Aleksa Stojkovic, Serbia, [AleksaSrbin]

The most votes on the website
Bogdan Misiejuk, Poland, [bogdan]

The Longest with us
Sławomir Kiryluk, Poland, [slawek]

New member
Tudorel-Constantin Rusu, Romania, [Rusu Tudorel]

Colours of Orthodoxy
Gabriel Marian, Romania, [gabrielmarian]

Andrej Chitajlenko, Russia, [anndrop]

Boris Bort, Russia, [B.Bort]

Adrian Kazimiruk, Poland, [AdrianKazimiruk]

Black and white
Nikolina Ceranic, Montenegro, [Nikolina Ceranic]

Olga Mendoza , Russia, [_olga_]

Marta Łuksza, Poland, [Marficzek]

Łukasz Troc, Poland [lukasz]

Nevena (Isidora) Markovic, Serbia, [neniortodox]

Icons, Interior
Hannele Maahinen, Finland, [Maahiska]

Chapels, crosses
Piotr Łozowik, Poland, [Pit_Zsak_79]

Larisa Belova, Russia, [kcenia.belova]

Vojislav Lukovic, Serbia, [Vojislav zograf]

Margarita Tolmacheva, Russia, [tolmargarita]

Surcel Razvan, Romania, [navzar]

From the air
Kamil Cywoniuk, Poland [kanik]

Special prize (for Russian partcipants) from Radio Vera:
Andre Chitajlenko,[anndrop]
Svetlana Suszczynsky, [Svetlanasush]
Aleksandr Gorbunow, [AlexG]

more photos:

Aleksander Wasyluk
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