Announcement of the results of the International Competition

Announcement of the results of the International Competition "Colours of Orthodoxy. Finland"

On September 18, 2019, the meeting of the international jury of the Colours of Orthodoxy: Finland International Photography Competition took place online.
Over 880 photos were sent to this competition from over 100 participants from nearly ten different countries. The jury members were very pleased with the quality of the presented photographs. After five hours of intensive discussions, the jury chose to select about twenty photos for each category in the first phase of the competition. During the second phase, the jury selected the winners and honorary prize recipients.
To decide the Grand Prize winner, the jury made their decision based upon the quality of the individual photographic submissions as well as the overall body of work submitted through the categories of the competition. The final decision of awarding the Grand Prize went to: Hanna Kemppi (Helsinki, Finland).

Following the Grand Prize decision, the jury declares the following awards for each of the three categories:

1. Churches
1st prize: Vesa Takala (Kovero, Finland)
2nd prize: Dimi Doukas (Vihti, Finland)
3rd prize: Tatiana Rutkovskaya (Kaliningrad, Russia)
Honorable mentions: Vesa Takala (Kovero, Finland), Salla Mansikkamäki (Helsinki, Finland), Helena Sipakko (Tampere, Finland)

2. People
1st prize:Maija Bondar (Palokka, Finland)
2nd prize: Andrzej Konachowicz (Lublin, Poland)
3rd prize: Marina Gargi (Espoo, Finland)

Honorable mentions:Tomasz Grześ (Bialystok, Poland), Honorable mention, Laura Karlin (Helsinki, Finland), Niklas Strengell (Kerava, Finland)

3. Reportage
1st prize:Marina Gargi (Espoo, Finland)
2nd prize:Vesa Takala (Kovero, Finland)
3rd prize:Valentin Kazerski (Helsinki, Finland)
Honorable mentions: Anitta Julkunen (Nurmes, Finland), Katrina Grönholm-Kulmala (Turku, Finland), Vesa Takala (Kovero, Finland).

Most emotional photo additional prize offered by Andrzej Parafiniuk - Honorable Consul of Finland in Bialystok: Takala Vesa (Kovero, Finland)

Due to Covid-19 the organizers will follow the situation in order to arrange the ceremony and exhibition.

More information about competition and photos you can find on page

Aleksander Wasyluk
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