17th anniversary of OrthPhoto

17th anniversary of OrthPhoto

Today we celebrate the 17th anniversary of the launch of OrthPhoto, a project that from the beginning has sought to create a digital community of amateur and professional photographers wishing to share and exhibit photographs presenting the Orthodox Christian faith as experienced throughout the world.
As we celebrate this milestone we would like to take a moment to express our gratitude and say “thank you” for helping to make this a truly international and interactive community. Further, we give thanks to our Lord for giving us the gifts and talents so that we may share the beauty of His Holy Orthodox Church through photography.

In these 17 years we have grown in unimaginable ways, and as technology progresses we have a lot of growing still to do. Be it through new platforms, or new social media networks employed to create and sustain community, we are committed to the same ideals as we were in 2004, making OrthPhoto more than just a website or a depository of photos. As always, we look to you our dedicated users, and community members to help us in this new stage of development. To this end, in the near future we will be hosting a series of online meetings so that you can have the opportunity to share your ideas; listen and respond to the ideas of our fellow community members.

Our first meeting will be held this Monday, 12 April at 18:00 CET on zoom at this link:, please use your login from orthphoto next to your name.

During this meeting we hope to discuss the future of OrthPhoto, introduce a new photo contest “Hagia Sophia: The Churches of the Wisdom of God in history and in the world” and introduce and discuss the concept of a new international photo contest, OrthPhoto Awards which we are hoping to launch in the next two weeks. But most importantly we hope to continue to build our community by getting to know each other better.

We look forward to seeing you online on Monday. If you are unable to participate live we hope you will consider sharing your ideas via email at:

If you enjoy our platform, and find it useful please consider a gift by donating to OrthPhoto via FB campain: or paypall: .

Thank you again for your support and participation. We would not have been able to grown in these last 17 years without you.

We invite you to submit photos for the contest "Hagia Sophia. The Churches of the Wisdom of God in history and in the world". If you are not interested in submitting photos for the contest, but you do have photos of churches named Hagia Sophia please send them to this address (in attachment orvia file tranfer pages). The Interparliamentary Assembly on Orthodoxy is planing few publications and your photos will make this publication better.

Aleksander Wasyluk
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