Winner of OrthPhoto Adobe Prize Competition – November, December 2011

Winner of OrthPhoto Adobe Prize Competition – November, December 2011

What is photography - passion, love, thinking, feeling, patience to capture the right moment… or in one word: art. Art to draw with light. The marvelous photos of Florentina Mardari (flor) from Romania improved this definitely. Her photos gathered not only users’ votes but won OrthPhoto-Adobe Prize Competition in November and December. Congratulations, Florentina!

As usual, we asked our winner to say few words about her photos and herself and here they are her answers:
"Photography is rather new to me. Up until last year, byzantine iconography was the only art I practiced. I am trying constantly to improve my photos, but unfortunately I don't have enough time to run after the perfect photography, the light, or the perfect idea. Most of my photos are made in a blessed place very dear to me, Horaita Monastery from Neamt - Romania; and I hope that they reflect the joy and peace you can experience in this place.
I hope that in the near future I will learn how to better handle my camera and catch moments of true photographic beauty. I also believe, that one can learn more about our orthodox faith thanks to the orthphoto community. That why feedback from all orthphoto members is more than welcome."

Congratulations, Florentina! We hope to continue to see your newest photos on our site.

Editorial team

ovidiu_m 2012.04.30
Felicitari Flor!

flor 2012.05.01
Multumesc, Ovidiu!

Xenia 2012.05.03
Felicitari Florentina! Pui mult suflet in fotografiile tale si de aceea sunt asa de frumoase.

Damianka 2012.05.03
Congratulations, Florentina! You have so wonderful photos.

florinnd 2012.06.05
Mai tarziu si eu...dar felicitari Flor

PALADA 2012.08.05
Felicitari, Florentina! De mult asteptam sa te vad premiata pentru fotografiile tale ata de sensibile.
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