We have decided to organize online meeting to speak about orthodox photography and future of OrthPhoto project.
Please join our online discussion on Wednesday 8th of April
In the context of OrthPhoto’s 15th anniversary we want to invite you to celebrate with us by taking part in a photo contest titled “OrthPhoto Awards”. This is something more than a competition. We want to celebrate with you our anniversary and the best way we can do it is to present your own works and offer you prizes for your activity and creation of the content of the orthphoto.net website.
After a short Easter break we are back with the presentation of photos and authors that we have chosen in 2014. We remind you, that the editorial staff and previously selected winners, choose one photo per month.

The winner of May 2014 was Slawomir Kiryluk (slawek). His picture shows fresco in the church of Holy Spirit in Bialystok, which was then freshly made.
Today we are celebrating our anniversary. This time it is the Great and Holy Friday, 11th years ago it was Saturday around the time when Holy Light occurs.This is a good moment to say thank you, to all of you for your activity.
Preparing for the exhibition summarizing our activity, we have decided to choose one best photo from each month, from the very beginning. The photos will be chosen by winners of the other months and editorial staff. We do this since April 2004, when we created our site in the Internet. The first winner was Joanna Kolerska (asia_o).
Дорогі користувачі Ортфото,
Наша перша виставка стала великим успіхом і ми все ще дем
Dear OrthPhoto users - photographers and visitors of OrthPhoto. As you probably know our website is managed by a team of volunteers who dedicat
Дороги користувачи Orthphoto,
В 2010 році Orthphoto i Adobe Romania будуть нагороджувати найкращи фотог
10 квітня минає вже третiй рік відтоді, як наш сервіс почав існувати в мережі.
Сьогодні ввечері (25.07) можливість оцінки знімків і додавання нових буде заблоковано, аж
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