We would like to finally start collecting photos for our 10th anniversary exhibition. We hope we can create something more than just an exhibition, maybe a photo album, calendar, fotocast or slideshow. The purpose is to present your photos offline and to reach more people.
Last night was opened ninth exhibition "Orthodoxy on the Web", organized by photo company Beofoto in the House of Culture in Beocin.
Because of the inability of one of the selected candidates to join the volunteer Erasmus programme, Association Orthnet (owner of two sites: and is searching a volunteer urgently. The start of the programme is at 15th of September. We understand that it is very late so if someone willing to apply should tell us when he/she can come to Poland.
9th International Photo Contest in Beocin, Serbia
It has been 10 years since OrthPhoto has been trying to present the beauty of orthodoxy through photography.
The website exists because you want to share your beautiful photos. Some of our users become more active and want more than just photo sharing. Those are the people who develop new ideas, work on projects and organize events. Of course, we know that we can do a lot more, but today we would like to say… THANK YOU.
W roku 2014 zmieniamy formułę dotychczasowego festiwalu cerkiewnego dzwonienia. Konkurs został podzielony na dwie edycje: krajową i międzynarodową. Do każdej części festiwalu zostanie zakwalifikowanych 10 uczestników.
Our community lost one of most active members Sava Dragojlovic.
Association of Photo, Film and Video Appreciation “Beofoto” in Beocin, Serbia cordially invites you to take part in the traditional International Photo Contest “Orthodox Christianity on the Internet”.
Just before deadline of the contest (31st of May), we renew our invitation for your participation!
We were just announced by the main organisers that the winners of the photo contest will also be invited to the award ceremony in Athens ! Remember also that the jury is an international one.
Only until end of May you can participate in photo contest “Easter in Christian East”.
It is not only competition it is also occasion to present your church, community around the world. The best submitted photos will be published in an album and presented on an exhibition, so your photos will be known by more people, even by people who don’t use internet.
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