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The Official website of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church-Bulgarian Patriarchate (BOC-BP)  In its official electronic media, BOC-BP sees an appropriate modern communicative means for announcing its activity and official positions on all dogmatic, liturgical, moral, canonical, social and practical aspects of the spiritual life of the Orthodox Christians, as well as on meaningful societal issues and events. Through its official website BOC-BP strives to be presented on the Internet, because where there is communication, there should also be the Church to ennoble human relationships, to purify the human heart, to enlighten the human mind, and thus help to all who are thirsty for communication with God and for eternal life.
The website Orthodox World was launched with the blessing of the recently deceased Metropolitan Kiril of Varna and Veliki Preslav. The website is run by volunteers and aims to popularize the beauty of Orthodoxy not only through spiritual talks and stories, but also in pictures from the Orthodox world.
Тhe internet media “” aims to show orthodoxy from different parts of the world in order to educate readers about the life and work of our holy God, Jesus Christ, and to reveal the way of salvation and the orthodox idea of a Holy Apostolic Church.
The Pokrov Foundation is a Bulgarian non-profit organization, dedicated to serving the mission of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church through education, publishing and social work.
Православие.БГ е медиен проект на фондация Покров Богородичен за създаване на информационна платформа, посветена на въпросите на вярата и съвременността.

Unofficial website for orthodox community in Poland, with news articles, photography and video.
Around 4000 visits per day

Orthodoxy [Pravoslavlje] – the Journal of Serbian Patriarchate [in Serbian: Православље: новине Српске Патријаршије] is an official journal published by the Holy Synod of Bishops of the Serbian Orthodox Church since 1967. Orthodoxy is published biweekly (fortnightly).

The Basilica News Agency is the official online news service of the Romanian Patriarchate. The website contains news articles and photo galleries regarding the life and activities of the Romanian Orthodox Church as well as of other local Orthodox Churches. The articles are featured in Romanian and English.
The Basilica News Agency is active on social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Nonprofit, non-commercial website provides information and free resources for churches, schools and families to understand and celebrate bishop Saint Nicholas, with customs from around the world, stories, legends, activities, crafts, recipes and online activities for children; there is also a gazetteer with photos of nearly 6000 St Nicholas churches from around the world
Over one million visits per year

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