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m.stefanovic 2016.11.23 [15:50] report to moderation
maksim 2010.01.10 [17:14] report to moderation
moses916 2006.05.05 [01:52] report to moderation
Very original! Good to see on Orthphoto... =D
zakgil 2006.02.10 [17:29] report to moderation
Maybe as a part of a serie or project It takes sens...
zakgil 2006.02.10 [17:28] report to moderation
Interesting, but I really prefer most of your other pictures on the site...
perovict 2006.01.08 [21:28] report to moderation
Светлост невечерња...
piotrzon 2006.01.08 [14:52] report to moderation
What is that? Solarisation? UNNECESSARY...
GuliVar 2006.01.08 [14:47] report to moderation
Јако интересантна идеја, добро кадровање.
Penko Skumov 2006.01.08 [11:32] report to moderation
Thank you very much. Благодаря ви, братя.
alladob 2006.01.08 [08:44] report to moderation
Очнь глкбокая фотография. Из какого сора, хлама, греха идем мы к храму! И открыть его двери - зависит от нас...
Lekovicl 2006.01.08 [01:37] report to moderation
Very, very good, from "visual art" point of view and from orthodox faith point of view. After some thinking I just can say excellent.

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