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Camera: Panasonic
Model: DMC-LC43
Date: 2005:04:17 04:10:19
Exposure: 10/4000
FNumber: 80/10
ISO: 200
Focal Length: 58/10
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m.stefanovic 2009.09.29 [14:12] report to moderation
Good composition and atmosphere.
Arkadiusz 2009.07.15 [08:28] report to moderation
!*!*! + !*! + !*!*!
maksim 2009.07.11 [15:10] report to moderation
nicos_valahul 2008.03.05 [23:13] report to moderation
beautiful church
maja 2008.02.26 [16:19] report to moderation
quiroule 2007.02.25 [00:58] report to moderation
Merci pour le photo!
mihaela 2006.08.19 [07:54] report to moderation
me too :)
Bojan 2006.08.12 [21:57] report to moderation
I love this composition :)
mihaela 2006.07.07 [14:42] report to moderation
Catalina, nu cred ca pictata biserica, odata ce zeci de ani a servit ca bar.
mihaela 2006.07.06 [18:16] report to moderation
Thank you, Nickos! I really hope that too, God will have mercy!
Nickos 2006.07.06 [17:01] report to moderation
Wonderful picture and Church. I do hope that a solution will be found soon about the fate of the Orthodox Church in China and new parishes come to life again. Thank you for the story.
mihaela 2006.07.04 [19:06] report to moderation
Thank you YueAn, I was waiting for your presence here :)
YueAn 2006.07.02 [18:59] report to moderation
the short history is like this:
1964 Simeon the last bishop of Shnaghai departed from this wordly life.Then the clergies and faithfuls of this city lost their archpastor and fell in a chaos.So,the local government bought the church building,changed it into other usage.And gave priests worldly jobs.....
Since then till now,no one church is opening with Divine Service. In this city, we had ever at least 12 parishes and 2 monastries,but now,nothing.......
Kyrie eleison kai soson!
Włodzimierz 2006.06.30 [13:42] report to moderation
w sieci
mihaela 2006.06.30 [09:13] report to moderation
Thank you Darko and Zoran!!
miha 2006.06.27 [00:40] report to moderation
Thanks Lord!
He will read your greetings, he is happy these can be shared!:)
D.J. 2006.06.27 [00:37] report to moderation
Thank you, Mihaela. Regards to your friend.
Xenia 2006.06.26 [23:40] report to moderation
Very beautiful church!Are painting the interior walls?
mihaela 2006.06.26 [10:08] report to moderation
Can someone say in English Darko's message? Thanks! :)
Dare 2006.06.26 [09:20] report to moderation
Ето, па сад Зорану Сремском приговарајте за жице :)

Поздрав Михаела!
b.backovic 2006.06.25 [23:30] report to moderation
Врло интересантно!
nenadkosovac 2006.06.25 [23:30] report to moderation
mihaela 2006.06.25 [22:57] report to moderation
I have the E-dict from Lazar. So, pass it forward ;)
mihaela 2006.06.25 [22:27] report to moderation
Salut, Tanjica! Nice to hear from you! :))
Pozdrav! :)
perovict 2006.06.25 [22:24] report to moderation
Some people here would have a lot of work to do to erase all the wires! ;))) Just kidding, MIhaela, of course, thanks for this very nice photo. And for the E-dict link! All the best to you!
mihaela 2006.06.25 [13:12] report to moderation
Hi Stefan! Greetings to you too!
I am enjoying the photos of my friends too! :)
mihaela 2006.06.25 [13:03] report to moderation
Yes, Lazar, you are right, is without crosses. My friend didn't gave me too many details about the two photos, he said they will speak by themselves. Although, I found some information with recent history of the church, unfortunately sad information, but interesting to know about:

Starting June 18th 2005 regular Sunday Divine Services have been restored in Shanghai, PRC. The services are conducted by Fr. Aleksiy Kiselevich of the Moscow Patriarchate in space provided by the Russian Consulate. Employees of Russian establishments in China attend the services.
St. John lived and worked in Shanghai from 1935 to 1949. During that period the construction of the Cathedral of Our Lady the Surety of Sinners[1] was completed. Unfortunately services still cannot be held in the cathedral because the legal status of the Orthodox Church in China remains undecided.
The church building until recently has been used by "The Dome" bar restaurant. It was recently checked in October 2005 and is currently empty.
Pit_Zsak_79 2006.06.25 [00:59] report to moderation
[10],[10],[10] :)
Lekovicl 2006.06.25 [00:42] report to moderation
Nice photo but where is the cross on this church ?
Stefan Nemanja 2006.06.25 [00:35] report to moderation
!!! I'm enjoying tonight,looking at the photos of our brothers and sisters from Romania!Greetings to you all! :)
igors 2006.06.24 [22:48] report to moderation
beautiful church

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