Evaluation of pictures on OrthPhoto

The aim of this tutorial is to make some leads, explain why? what for? and how? we should vote on orthphoto.net.

Many people say that voting it is not important at all, because the most important is just sharing pictures. But we should remember that voting system is the only way to express your opinion about the photo, internationally, understandable for all users, no matter what language they use, or know.

For sure, voting should be done not to hurt anyone, or revenge for low notes (it is not Christian attitude). Second aim of evaluation is to have a ranking of pictures, not only between all authors, but also in private portfolios. Thanks to objective opinions of other users we can see which pictures are more successful and which are less. Than we can arrive to some conclusions, and then try to make better photos, learning from comments and notes of other users.

Please remember that by using all variety of evaluation scale, actually we give ourselves possibility to show that some pictures we like are extraordinary, some are just fine, and some we just cannot appreciate. Using only highest notes, we devaluate its meaning, and we can't show what we like more and what less. It may also be dangerous and tempt authors to feel vain, cause when all pictures are perfect, there is nothing to learn, nothing to improve. We recommend to use extreme notes both, on top (EXCELLENT) and on bottom (WEAK) of a scale, not as standard notes, but only in extraordinary cases. Please use all variety of notes, if you like some picture more than usually, please use higher notes (VERY GOOD). In case if you like some picture less than normally, please use lower notes (AVERAGE). Let's try to give a moment for every picture before we vote it, and look on different aspects of it. This will help not only for author of the photo, but also will teach ourselves something about pictures, about our aesthetic preferences, and will improve our atelier. Let's try also to write a comment explaining why we did vote in this way, and not another, especially when we use extreme notes, excellent and weak. This will help for author to understand your intentions. Don't hesitate to evaluate picture just as you see it, we shouldn't treat evaluation as a tool to hurt or to toady author. Let’s use it as a tool to learn and exchange honest opinions.

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