We do not have people who work on fundrising so we prefer to have a small number of donors which makes our work easier and also allows us to better promote a given company. .

We would like to find one Gold sponsor who will support orthphoto for a whole year and who will be advertised during all events organized by our editorial team.

We believe that the companies connected with photography, the internet or travel would find on orthphoto a great number of potential customers. Helping us could be a great opportunity for these companies to promote their products. Possibly, companies producing cameras, accessories for cameras like photobanks or disk storages, TV screens, printers etc. could cooperate with us.

We are open to any kind of cooperation which is not against the profile of our site.
So if you can help us in contacting with companies (global or local branches) who might be interested in this kind of cooperation, please, write to us an email and we will try to draft more concrete documents
Until 15th of January 2011 we are waiting for a GOLD SPONSOR for all our events planned for that year. A logo of this sponsor will be always visible during all our actions all over the world and on the internet on our webpages.
Here is a draft estimate of our needs which could be a starting point for further negotiations:

We are looking for a sponsor who would support us with about 15000 EURO:
1. Server 1000 EURO
3. Photo of the month - prizes given by sponsor
4. Runing beta version 3000 EURO
5. Site promotion - banners with orthphoto and sponsor logo placed in church websites and photo sites in more than 10 countries. 5000 EURO
6. Workshop 3000 Euro (+ during lectures we want to use equipment from this company)
7. Exhibition from workshop 3000 EURO

If we find a sponsor we are able to give space on orthphoto home page for banners promoting a sponsor. Moreover, on every event organized by orthphoto our sponsor’s logo will be placed in a visible place. In addition, in every news item published on orthphoto and sent to other media we will mention a sponsor. All posters promoting orthphoto will contain a logo of a sponsor and in every poster promoting our events we will put information about our GOLD SPONSOR.

We are also ready for other propositions and ways of cooperation with our prospective sponsors

Another way of sponsoring is to buy commercial banners on our site. We prefer to advertise things realted to church, photography or travel but we can also promote other things. So if you have photo-shop, you are photographer looking for clients or have travel agency you are more than welcome to contact us and we can discuss about adding you advertise on orthphoto.
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