Photo of the month - April 2004

Photo of the month - April 2004

Preparing for the exhibition summarizing our activity, we have decided to choose one best photo from each month, from the very beginning. The photos will be chosen by winners of the other months
and editorial staff. We do this since April 2004, when we created our site in the Internet. The first winner was Joanna Kolerska (asia_o). Here's what she had written about herself:

"I was born in Siemiatycze. Since 1998 I'm bonded with Tri-City. Currently, I live in Gdansk.
I've been interested in amateur photography for 15 years. My faviurite subjects are landscapes and architecture. I love going back to Podlaskie region, its' customs, dialect - this is what I'm missing while living in Gdansk.

I made the photo of the Orthodox Church Św. Ducha in Balystok in 2004. It is the biggest Orthodox church in Poland. The bell tower has been built in years 2006-2012, so my photo is in
a way historical".

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