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Call for photo submissions: OrthPhoto Awards

Call for photo submissions: OrthPhoto Awards

In the context of OrthPhoto’s 15th anniversary we want to invite you to celebrate with us by taking part in a photo contest titled “OrthPhoto Awards”. This is something more than a competition. We want to celebrate with you our anniversary and the best way we can do it is to present your own works and offer you prizes for your activity and creation of the content of the orthphoto.net website.
Please find below a list of rules for this competition:

1. The “OrthPhoto Awards” Competition is organized to mark OrthPhoto’s 15th anniversary
2. Every user can submit from 3 to 15 pictures
3. In order to submit the photos, you need to login on orthphoto.net and use the special form under the pictures that you have already uploaded. After reaching the deadline, the possibility to add or delete any photos will be blocked. If more photos are submitted above the limit, only the last 15 uploaded pictures will be taken into account.
4. You have the possibility to upload high resolution files for the competition, and if you agree we will change the original small files on our website with the uploaded ones.
5. The deadline for sending photos is August 31
6. The jury will select 20 photographers who will receive a diploma, photo albums and gadgets (prize will sum up to 50 EURO)
7. In the first half of September we will organize an award ceremony and an orthphoto.net users’ meeting in Bialystok, Poland.
8. The jury will be internationally represented and the awards will be given not only for the best photos category. Categories will be decided during a meeting of jury members, and could be based on the activity of our users (votes or comments).
9. At least 40 photographs will be printed and displayed during the award ceremony.
10. The number of prizes could be larger – it will depend on potential partnerships or funding.

By subscribing to the competition, you can help us better promote the OrthPhoto.net website as well as your art work by allowing us to share your photos on our social platforms (Instagram / Facebook).
We have never sold any photos but sometimes visitors of our exhibitions ask for this, so for the first time we want to kindly ask you to allow us to sell certain photos from the competition. All incomes will go for the development of OrthPhoto.net and we will inform you if we sell any of your photos.

We believe that this small competition could be the beginning of a larger event in the next years.
Please feel free to contact us at info@orthphoto.net for any further information.

The Editorial Team
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