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Although we already have over 1300 visitors per day from more than 100 countries, orthphoto is still quite unknown in the orthodox world.
The biggest audience cames from Poland - the country where our site was created and where we have good channels for promotion:
- we published many articles about orthphoto in newspapersand on websites
- we were present in TV shows.
- orthphoto posters were on dashboards in every orthodox parish.

We have prepared a set of materials which can be used to promote the site in different ways. If you need something else, please, let us know and we will try to prepare it for you.
We have few versions of logo ready to use on your webpages or blogs.
We also have a logo in eps format, ready to use in printed materials, and posters which you can print and give to your parish priest so he can promote the site.
Feel not only as guests but also as owners of the site and invite people and organizations to visit our site and help in promotion. You are also responsible for better representation of your country, city or parish on our site.
Please, try to send our news to local web pages and newspapers to help us in spreading the news about orthphoto.

And remember that if you need something specific you can also ask for this from us.

Together we can make orthphoto more international than it is already!!!

Promotional materials
logo black
logo white
eps version
flash logo

poster /pdf/
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