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International Photo competition “OrthPhoto Awards” Announced

International Photo competition “OrthPhoto Awards” Announced

The photo sharing website Orthphoto.net is pleased to announce the launch of a new international photo competition entitled, “OrthPhoto Awards”.
The contest, which is open to all professional and amateur photographers provides an opportunity through visual image to communicate and share with a wider audience the beauty of the Orthodox Church and the culture of her people.

The contest will accept photo submissions from May 2 to July 2 in the following four categories:
Places, Reportage, People, Details. Submissions will also be accepted in three special categories: From the Archives, Stories, Covid-19.

Participants are welcome to submit up to three photographs per category, with a series of 5-10 photos being accepted for the “Stories” special category.

There will also be a special competition for young photographers. “OrthoPhoto Awards is not only a competition presenting the work of professional and amateur photographs, but it is also a venue where we hope Orthodox faithful from around the world will be able to share their culture and faith in Jesus Christ”, said Aleksander Wasyluk, President of OrthNet, the owner of Orthphoto.net. “During the past year we have all experienced an isolation which we didn’t think was possible in our increasingly interconnected world. It is our hope that Orthphoto Awards will be a small remedy to that isolation.”

The contest will be judged by an international panel and prizes will be awarded for the best photo in each category. The best photos and those receiving awards will be featured in an exhibition and published in an album entitled “Colours of Orthodoxy” which will be edited and printed by the Publishing Department of the Church of Poland. An award ceremony, together with a workshop on photography is planned for August in Poland.

For more information, or to participate in the competition please visit www.awards.orthphoto.net.

Aleksander Wasyluk
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