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фотография недели


Competition is organized by the Church of Cyprus,, Cyprus Photographic Society and the Publishing Department of the Polish Orthodox Church to present the diversity and beauty of Orthodoxy in Cyprus. Through this contest, which will culminate with an album and an exhibition, we would like to present for wider audience Christian life in Cyprus.
Дорогие друзья, в эти особенные дни года, когда мы празднуем Праздник праздников, мы желаем вам благословенной и радостной Пасхи, а также много прекрасных моментов, которые вы бы могли запечатлеть своими объективами, и поделиться ими с нами.

I am glad and I congratulate your efforts for our Orthodox Church in all the countries of the world, something which is particularly needed now, that is to work together and be united as Orthodox.

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